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SEOHC General Objectives

The SEOHC is your local association and is a part of the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, otherwise known as CLEAT. SEOHC and CLEAT have participated in obtaining fair and just treatment for employees of the Harris County Sheriff's Office, regardless of rank or division, since April of 2013. They have assisted in representing HCSO staff that have been involved incidents that have been in the national and local news with good results and continue to do so with the support of its membership.

Additionally, the SEOHC is looking forward to getting to know it's members and helping members connect with each other by holding fundraisers, events, and meetings to provide an opportunity to communicate and cultivate relationships with one another.

It’s important to remember that we support the badge but we all honor the patch.




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CLEAT Benefits


Not only do we fight hard for our members, but we pay 100% of the costs associated with representing a member during internal investigations and disciplinary appeals (including arbitration fees). We also pay 100% of the costs associated with defending a member against criminal charges that resulted from the member’s performance of official duties. In addition, we pursue affirmative litigation to enforce the provisions of local and/or state law when the public employer fails to comply with those laws.


CLEAT was the first statewide law enforcement organization in Texas to offer training to its members. Since 1976, CLEAT has offered training to assist officers in critical incidents, workplace ethics, and officer rights. Since its inception, CLEAT has educated hundreds of members. In fact, CLEAT pushed hard in the legislature for increases in training, better professionalism, higher standards, and education for officers. Unlike some other organizations, CLEAT has never sought profit from an officer’s training.


We provide expert political assistance to members and affiliated local associations in preparing for and winning local elections for civil service, collective bargaining and pay raise referendums. Our staff of full-time lobbyists give thousands of law enforcement officers the strongest possible voice in Austin.


CLEAT has successfully assisted many local associations with taking issues before the voters, including Collective Bargaining, Civil Service, Meet & Confer, minimum staffing and salary elections. CLEAT will advise your association and members on the legal and political issues involved in local campaigns to improve pay, benefits and working conditions.


Regional representation by our full-time labor relations staff assists members and associations on a wide variety of collective bargaining and labor-related negotiations issues. We also provide assistance to members wishing to form a local association, including preparation and filing of state-required documents.


CLEAT provides family legal services that include a will, medical directive, and power of attorney for the member and their spouse at no cost to the member and without a waiting period. Other association may make you wait for two years before they will prepare this important legal document which is necessary to protect you and your family. Use of a CLEAT attorney to probate a will prepared by CLEAT is also included in this benefit. Here's the link for a printable Will Information Worksheet . If you need the document mailed to you, please contact Will Program Coordinator Carol Whitfield at, or call her at (512) 609-7775.


The duties of an officer are the safety, honor, and welfare of your country first; the honor, welfare, and comfort of the men in your command second; and the officer’s own ease, comfort, and safety last.
— George S. Patton


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